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The Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE), founded on July 18th, 1985, in Brasilia, Brazil, is a private non-profit organization that congregates graduated professionals dedicated mainly to the embryo technology area. 

Society members are involved in various reproductive biotechnologies, in the practice of embryo manipulation and production in several animal species and in research on embryo production, transgenesis, cloning, regulation of embryonic development and survival after embryo transfer. The studies are directed to cattle, small ruminants, swine, equine, companion animals, laboratory species and also those considered endangered.

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Ponto de encontro entre pesquisadores, estudantes e profissionais de campo, a Reunião Anual da SBTE em 2019 j&aac
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Recentemente, Zhi-Kun Li e colaboradores divulgaram na revista Cell Stem Cell a produção de camu
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Sociedade Brasileira de Tecnologia de Embriões (Brazilian Embryo Technology Society) Business hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00am
Treze de Maio Avenue, 511 – 3rd Floor – Room 302 - Centro – Jaboticabal – SP – Brazil - 14.870-160
Telephone/Fax: 55 (16) 3202-2491 | Email: | Skype: sbte.sbte