Question: How can I join SBTE?

Answer:To join SBTE, simply access the link (http://www.sbte.org.br/associados), fill in the requested information and pay the annual fee by bank wire transfer or credit card. It is necessary to send a reference letter from a SBTE member to the SBTE secretary (e-mail: sbte@sbte.org.br).


Question: How can I pay for the event registration if I am not a member of SBTE?

Answer:In case of registration for non-members, payment can be made by credit card, transfer or bank deposit. For this, the interested party must first fill in the data for registration on the link page (http://sis.automacaodeeventos.com.br/2020/sbte/sis/inscricao/index.asp?eveId=2) and then select the desired option for payment.


Question: How can foreigners pay the registration fee?

Answer:Foreigners or residents outside Brazil who do not have a CPF (personal identification number), can make the payment via international credit card.


Question: How attendees can have access to lectures and presentations?

Answer:A specific link will be sent to each participant in the 34th Meeting, for each day of the event (August 13-15).


Question: In which language will the lectures be broadcast?

Answer:The lectures will be transmitted with the speaker's original voice in Portuguese or English and translated into Portuguese or English by specialized translators (as performed in the face-to-face events). Thus, two transmission channels will broadcast live lectures will be made available, one in Portuguese and the other in English.


Question: If I can't follow the event in real time (live), can I access the content later?

Answer: All participants and listeners registered at the 34th SBTE 2020-Online Meeting will have unrestricted access to posters, poster presentations, material from virtual stands and abstracts published at any time during the days of the event. The lectures and presentations of the selected works will be transmitted only in real time (live).


Question: Will there be a certificate for participants? How can I request the certificate?

Answer:Everyone registered for the event as a participant or listener will receive a certificate of participation, which will be automatically sent to the e-mail registered in the event registration system.


Question: How and when will the Workshops be held?

Answer:Three Workshops will be held in the months of October (Management in Beef Cattle), November (In vitro Production of Embryos) and December (Management in Dairy Cattle). The dates and schedule will be made available soon after confirmation by the speakers, but each workshop will take place on a single day in the first week of each month and will feature 3-4 national / international speakers per event.



In case of doubts, please contact us by e-mail sbte@sbte.org.br

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