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Welcome to the 34th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Embryo Technology 

Founded in 1985 and reaching 35 years, the Brazilian Society for Embryo Technology is a non-profit society with the main goal to join together professionals involved in the area of embryo technology. 

During the last 35 years, SBTE hold an annual meeting in different cities across Brazil. Its first Annual meeting in Jaboticabal – SP, counted with a total of 20 participants including professionals from Brazil end other countries. In 1990, SBTE reached its 5thAnnual Meeting and counted with the presence of 150 participants from different parts of Brazil and the world. In the meantime, SBTE grew up and became recognized nationally and internationally. The scientific and technical levels of speakers were always the highpoint of the annual meetings. However, is important to highlight that besides science, SBTE always allowed its participants to congregate and find new collaborations, rupturing barriers such as titles and geographical distance; thus, creating a creative, integrative, collaborative and multidisciplinary environment. For those reasons that we say “Once you go to SBTE you will always come back”.

In this unique year, we will not be able to hold our in-person meeting, which could affect our members across the world. However, during this harsh time we have the opportunity to demonstrate our maturity as a society. Thus, we believe that this year we will have the chance to show our ability to overcome this challenge holding a virtual meeting, which count with the presence of participants and speakers from Brazil as well as from other parts of the globe. Last, but not least, we will not forget about the good science and interaction, helping professionals and companies to get together at the SBTE.

At the end, we would like to reinforce our invitation to our 34thAnnual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Embryo Technology in August 13-15, 2020.



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