Selected Abstracts for the second phase of Student Competition

Basic area


Effects of lipopolyssacharide on follicular reserve in cattle

 Gabriela Bueno Luz


Aloe vera increases mRNA expression of antioxidant genes after vitrification of bovine ovarian tissue

Venancia A. Nunes Azevedo


In vivo and in vitro-produced bovine blastocysts secrete small extracellular vesicles with different miRNAs content

Alessandra Bridi


In vitro pluripotency acquisition in urine-derived cells

Kaiana Recchia


Concomitant usage of chromatin reprogramming molecules increase bovine fibroblasts plasticity through heterochromatin remodeling

Dewison Ricardo Ambrizi


Are miRNAs related to sperm cryotolerance in boars?

Ana Carolina Pedrosa


Vitrification technique improves more alterations on gene expression of in vivo-derived sheep blastocysts than slow freezing

Viviane Lopes Brair


Quantification of interferon-tau (IFN-τ) stimulated genes in blood leukocytes for pregnancy diagnosis 15 days after insemination using ddPCR

Gessica Franco


Applied area


Mineral supplementation with beta-carotene and vitamins and their effect on reproductive performance in TAI beef cows kept on pasture conditions

Luana Factor


Fertility of lactating Holstein cows initiating the FTAI protocol with estradiol benzoate or GnRH, and receiving or not GnRH 2 days later

Carlos Eduardo C. Consentini


Comparison of the preovulatory follicular dynamics induced by kisspeptin or eCG in ewes

Augusto Ryonosuke Taira


Influence of the analogue and dose of GnRH on the LH release and ovulatory response in Bos indicus heifers and cows with high circulating progesterone

Lucas Oliveira e Silva


Reproductive seasonality influences oocyte and embryonic competence but not uterine receptivity in buffaloes

Júlio César Barboza Silva


Use of AMH as a marker for selection of oocyte donors in the Gir (Bos taurus indicus) breed

Luiz Fernando R. Féres


Cervical relaxation protocol in sheep decreases Oct-4 and Nanog gene expression temporarily

Juliana D. Rodrigues Santos


In vivo embryo production of cows submitted to a novel superovulation protocol with constant or decreasing doses of FSH and inseminated with ULTRAFertility sex-sorted sperm

Natália Picoli Folchini



The deadline for Abstract submission ended on May 25th. 

Proceedings are available in a special issue at Animal Reproduction journal: https://www.animal-reproduction.org/current

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