Anual Meeting > 2009

The 2009 meeting occurred in 2010 together with the annual meeting of the IETS. Thus, from 9 to 12 January 2010 was held in Cordoba, Argentina, the 36th Annual Conference of IETS 36th Annual Conference of IETS and XXIII Annual Meeting of SBTE. The international event brought together representatives from all over the world to discuss issues related to the embryo production and associated technologies. About 700 participants were present at the meeting. Brazil was the country with the largest representation, with approximately 200 people present, and then stood out the United States and Argentina subscribers. The event coordination was in responsibility of the Cordoba Animal Reproduction Institute (IRAC). With the theme "Back to the basics, from the bench to the field", the event had several speakers and different topics. As expected, the Brazilian presentations were very interesting due the volume of data presented and also their innovation conclusions. The SBTE was present providing support to members and researchers from other countries searching for information about Brazil.